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Вводное видео о ZW3D

Вводное видео о ZW3D
Better than Ever, ZWCAD 2012 Drives Your Design!
ZWCAD 2012, better than ever! 900+ improvements that match your needs; Remarkable drafting and detailing tools for visualizing your ideas; Flexible management systems for maximizing your design resources; Seamless collaboration of designs with others through flexible drawing publishing.
Вводное видео о ZW3D
ZWCAD 2011-CAD Made Easier
ZWCAD 2011 is a milestone in the progress and development of the ZWCAD software. As a great improvement over the previous version, ZWCAD changes the way you design by offering the parametric drawing function. This function, currently only available on AutoCAD and ZWCAD software, lets you design using constraints (i.e. keep lines parallel, horizon, vertical, collinear, et cetera). ZWCAD 2011 also offers users many new tools that make working with CAD much easier. These include Table, Field, MLeader, PDF plotter, and SolProf. As a dedicated CAD provider who is constantly working to satisfy your CAD needs, ZWSOFT has enhanced many aspects to give you a better user experience. ZWCAD 2011 now provides external reference editing, bigger and high quality raster image support, magnet snaps, dimension breaks, MTEXT in attributes, and up-to-date online help. Finally, ZWSOFT would like you to know that ZWCAD 2011 now supports a wide range of APIs improvement including a new class for UI in ZRX and a batch of new visual LISP functions that greatly simplify migration. ZWCAD 2011 - Design made easier
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